Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

My project for history day was a historical exhibit on Jane Goodall, and how she took a stand in history. I like my project because I think it is very creative, and really stands out to the viewer. I learned a lot about Jane Goodall, like how she discovered chimpanzees use tools like people, and won many awards for her work. This project was very difficult for me, but it helped me learn a lot more. I learned how to make and annotated bibliography, correctly cite a source, and how to cite an image. My classmates helped me a lot with this, and I'm happy I know how to do those things now.
I'm not really sure at this point how I could improve my project, but if I did, I might add more pictures. What I am most proud of about this whole process is the stuff that I have learned. This project made me a lot more confident when citing sources, designing projects, and typing papers. I am definitely going to use this knowledge in my future projects and presentations, not just in GOAL, but in real life someday. I think that Jane Goodall fits with the theme taking a stand in history, because Jane Goodall had to take a stand to follow her dreams of going to Africa, and stands up for animals through various conservation projects and speeches. 

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